Telephone Interview with Prof. Abdullah Saeed

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As explained in previous postings, much of this site is introducing resources from Muslim and western scholars who are re-looking at the origins of Islam.  

One of these scholars is Prof. Abdullah Saeed, who is one of the leading voices in “Reading the Qur’an Contextually.” A bit of background to Abdullah Saeed:

Proff. Abdullah Saeed


- He is the Sultan of Oman* Professor in Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne.

- The Director of the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies

- Has received an Order of Australia (2013)

- He has written numerous books on the Qur’an, as well as Government Reasearch Grants on topics such as “Research into Muslim Extremist Discourses and Ways of Countering Them.”

- He has written many articles on topics such as “The charge of the distortion of Jewish and Christian Scriptures.”


 A few days ago, I had the privelage of recording a short telephone interview with Abdullah Saeed. CLICK HERE to hear the interview. (Appologies for the Mobile Phone sound quality! )


*For an explanation of the Sultan of Oman Professorship, please click the following 2 links.

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