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Over the past few months, I have mentioned about Muslim traditions that evolved over centuries that would seem to contradict the Qur’an and its context. 

A segment within Islam, often refer to themselves as being “Qur’an centric” (or Qur'anist) in contrast do not believe these later Muslim traditions. One of the better Qur’an centric websites contains systematic short studies of over 100 Muslim beliefs that are not in the Qur’an. I have uploaded 10 of these studies; Click Here to view some of these under the section “Qur’an Studies”. Some of these misconceptions include:


Blindly Following

Islam, a name of a religion

Arabic is superior

Allah is the only God

Child Brides

Women to earn less

Qur’an’s Teaching

Q.S 5:104 - Use your intellect

Q.S 28:53 - Islam is submission, not religion

QS 14:04 – The Qur’an is in Arabic so local people could understand.

QS 17:110 - Allah is not an exclusive name for God

QS 4:006 - Marriage permissible only after Bride evidences sound judgement

QS 4:32 - No differentiation


qur'anThe above verses are best understood in the context of the entire study provided, also remembering the instructions being an Arabic recitation for tribal warriors. Although those who are “Qur’an centric” have positiveness towards the Bible, are anti-extremism and view God’s supremacy over Muhammad, they often do not read the Qur’an in view of its local context. (See Abdullah Saeed: Reading the Qur’an contextually).

This week we are also excited to introduce another partner of Equal Access International, See Link Here. Its’me ( ) is bringing solutions to Muslims Families, as well as re-educating Muslims on various misunderstandings such as those listed above. It is privilege to be able to partner with them.

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