God gives a voice to Muslims?

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The first recorded action of God was to speak the world into being. Then he formed humans and gave us a voice with which we communicate and can relate intimately. Our voice is not just our vocal chords, mouth, and tongue working together to produce sound. Our voice is our whole self. Like 'they' say, 90% of communication is nonverbal.

In a world where there are many voices, good and bad, how are we to live? Is it ever justified to restrict or remove another person's voice?

Jesus was surrounded by many voices and messages that completely contradicted his. There were endless opportunities for Jesus to say, "Be quiet!”

Amazingly, at no point did he silence another's voice. He never dehumanized another. People were free to hear Jesus amidst the roar of other voices. There was no control or coercion. No shouting over the top. He taught when people were willing to listen. And in the midst of that he listened a lot. He was at parties, with the poor, on the roads, in houses, in synagogues, in the desert. In every circumstance his actions spoke the loudest.

God has called us to have a voice through action and words. God has also called us to listen to the voices of others. Like when God spoke to the Hebrew prophets, he gave them something to say, not someone to silence.

Similarly for Muslim-Christian dialogue today, will we follow the example of the Prophets, and Jesus? There is a great need for peace amongst Muslims and Christians. The true peace of God can only come through love and humility. Both of which require listening.

Do I remove anyone's voice (in reality or in my heart) because they're a different religion? How can I listen more?

Often the greatest walls of the heart are removed just by the sense of being heard.

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