The Remaining Videos Uploaded (Part 2 - Videos 5 -16)

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Many of you have made use of the 4 X 10-15min video series that were made available 2 weeks ago. Hopefully, for non-Muslims, this has begun to remove some of the unknown regarding the Qur’an. To avoid lengthy delay, the remaining 12 videos are available on this website now.

There are 2 topics that are sometimes enquired about that are not discussed at length in the video series, that being the verses in the Qur’an relating to War, as well as Jesus according to the Qur’an. I will endeavor to make short videos about these topics myself in the coming weeks. (Read More…) 

These short videos that I hope to produce will mostly utilize the writings of the network associated with Prof Gabriel Reynolds (IQSA), which attempts to create an understanding directly from the Qur’an itself and other sources from that era. This is in contrast to the traditional approach of basing an understanding of the Qur’an upon traditions 150 – 300 years later written in a different location, where the Qur’an was understood to support the Political Dynasty of that time.

As a reminder, the 3 main categories of the videos already uploaded include:

- Understanding the Qur’an.

- Interpreting the Qur’an.

- The relationship of the Bible and the Qur’an.

In the coming weeks, we will hear from our Partners in Indonesia, as well as a recent interview with a Radio Station in Sydney.


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 5. Heaven and Hell

6. A Book in Clear Arabic

7. Pre Islamic Arabia


8. The Prophets Biography

9. The Collection of the Qur'an 

10. The Prophets Night Journey 

11. Classical Exegesis of the Qur'an

12. Noah in the Qur'an

13. Moses in the Qur'an

14. Qur'an's Perspective on the Bible

15. The Disciples in the Qur'an

16. Conclusion


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