The following articles have been selected because they are considered to contribute towards the values of Equal Access International, which is promoting a Quranist1 approach, whilst understanding the original Islamic message as one that is in unity, rather than opposing, the previous Holy Books. Despite this, as in any recommended Book List, not all of the views represented below are supported by this website.


General Islamic Studies


PDF DownloadScriptural Falsification


PDF DownloadThe Charge of Distortion of Jewish and Christian Scriptures


PDF DownloadA Piecemeal Quran furqan and its meaning


PDF DownloadBadawi-Qurans connection with Syriac


PDF DownloadCrone Quranic Deities


PDF DownloadDONNER Centralized authority in Islam


PDF DownloadDonner The Role of Nomads in the Near East


PDF DownloadReynolds quran syriac bible Oxford studies 2015


PDF DownloadWhat do we actually know about Muhammad


PDF DownloadIs Rethinking Past Doctrines the Way Forward?


PDF Download New Paths in Muslim Christian Dialogue


 PDF Download Islam from the Light of  Earliest Jewish Christianity



Qur'anic Studies 

 Homosexuality and the Qur'an


 Aggressive Mistranslations Against Women


 Allah is Not an Exclusive Name for God


 Arabic Superior Langauge or Not


 Blind Following


 Do We Have To Pray in Arabic


 Forced Faith is No Faith




 Ishmael or Isaac


 The Term Muslim Hijacked 


 Was Ayesha Really A Child Bride


 Women's Right to Earn Similar to a Man's


Qur'an Monotheist Translation 

1Footnote: A Quranist approach is one that emphasises the values of the Qur’an, generally reads the contextually rather than that of a literalist, and de-emphasizes later Islamic writings that form the basis of much of the Sharia Law.    



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