The world is rich in conflict, from international wars to breakdowns within families. It’s within this setting that we seek alternatives to violence and hatred and move towards transforming those same conflicts into deeper relationships between ethnic groups, religious groups, communities, and individuals. Any lasting peace must be grown indigenously and sustained by entire communities, therefore our initiatives aim to empower local communities to face their conflicts together in dialogue and collective action.

Peace Camps:

Often the first step to peace is saying “Hello.” Peace camps within local communities give an opportunity for people to meet face to face, share meals, share stories, listen to the other’s perspective, discuss topics of peace and reconciliation together, and then unite around projects for change within their community. These camps are inter-faith, inter-cultural, and international, where diversity is celebrated and first steps are taken towards better relations and healthier communities.

The camps centre on dialogue rather than input, allowing all participants to be heard and to hear others. Major topics covered within a camp are:

  • What does peace look like?
  • Diversity and Collaboration
  • What conflicts do we face?
  • How can these conflicts be transformed?
  • Forgiveness as Generosity
  • Creating further peace projects and events

These camps are intended to empower and equip the local community with all the tools they need for multiplying peace and conflict transformation, and are no longer dependent upon us.

Peace is possible together…

Please consider donating towards the running of these peace camps by clicking here, with “Peace Camps” in the instructions.