Jihad and War in the Qur’an

Jesus and the Qur’an Part 1

Jesus and the Qur’an Part 2

A short video series that will likely change your perspective of the Qur’an. (Part 1)

A course on the Qur’an was held in October 2015 entitled “An Introduction to the Qur’an”, with over 8,000 people doing the course, both Muslims and non-Muslims. The course coordinator, Prof. Gabriel Said Reynolds from the Notre Dame University, has granted permission for this resource to be made available on our website.

1. Surah and verses

2. Mecca and Medina

3. Rhyme

4. Punishment Stories

5. Heaven and Hell

6. A Book in Clear Arabic

7. Pre Islamic Arabia

8. The Prophets Biography

9. The Collection of the Qur’an

10. The Prophets Night Journey

11. Classical Exegesis of the Qur’an

12. Noah in the Qur’an

13. Moses in the Qur’an

14. Qur’an’s Perspective on the Bible

15. The Disciples in the Qur’an

16. Conclusion