Our New Website and Upcoming Peace Camps

It has been quite a long while since the last communication from Equal Access International, however things have been far from quiet.

You will notice we have a brand new website, please have a look though it. (www.equalaccess.org.au ) This is designed by the Equal Access Partners in Indonesia who work on the Media Projects we support. They provide Web Design and other I.T. Services (www.cyberlabpro.com) with all profits supporting the Equal Access Projects. Please contact me if you have a need for this service.

I would also like to introduce you to some Peace Camps happening next month in Indonesia, sponsored by Equal Access International. A gathering of approximately 100 young leaders,  including teachers from 5 Madrassahs and senior students from 2 Bible Colleges, will come together, followed by a joint service project.

They will celebrate diversity, and move towards towards having better relations and healthier communities. This ultimately empowers and equips the local community with all the tools they need for multiplying peace and conflict transformation. Major topics covered within a camp are:

  • What does peace look like?
  • Diversity and Collaboration
  • What conflicts do we face?
  • How can these conflicts be transformed?
  • Forgiveness as Generosity
  • Creating further peace projects and events

This Peace Camp will be repeated in East Java next month, as well as other areas later in the year. Are you interested in supporting this? Please see the Projects Page which has a donate link, or contact me for further details.

We look forward to an exciting 2018.




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