A short video series that will likely change your perspective of the Qur’an. (Part 1)

Currently a course is being held called “An Introduction to the Qur’an”, with over 8,000 people doing the course, both Muslims and non-Muslims. The course coordinator, Prof. Gabriel Said Reynolds from the Notre Dame University, has granted permission for this resource to be made available on our website, with the first videos now uploaded below.

Prof Reynolds facilitates a network of the most qualified Qur’anic scholars (from an academic and non-traditional perspective) called International Qur’an Studies Association. (www.iqsaweb.wordpress.com)

With you all being busy, I have reduced the content down to 15 separate short videos, generally 10-15min each, each file name indicating its number, topic and length, with the videos being uploaded over the next 4 weeks, beginning today. The outline is as follows:

Understanding the Quran

  • Structure of the Quran
  • Themes of the Quran
  • The God of the Quran

Interpreting the Quran

  • The Context of the Quran’s Origins
  • The Revelation, Proclamation, and Codification of the Quran
  • Exegesis of the Quran

The Quran’s Relationship to the Bible

  • Hebrew Bible and Old Testament Figures
  • The Quran, the New Testament and Christianity
  • Rethinking the Context of the Quran

There have been a number of comments relating to such topics as the “war” verses in the Qur’an. A summary of recent study in this area will be provided in the coming weeks. We trust that the video series will be useful for you in bringing a greater understanding of the origins of Islam, and its divergence today from those origins.

1.1 Surah and verses

1.2 Mecca & Medina

1.3 Rhyme

1.4 Punishment Stories



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