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With the terror caused in Paris by Muslim extremists, it is increasingly important that both Muslims and non-Muslims re-look at how the origins of Islam are understood. Although the motivation of extremists is a lot to do with politics, bitterness and hatred, they act based upon how they understand Islam.

Although a very large percentage of Muslims would oppose violence and respect Human Rights, extremists exploit a traditional interpretation of the origins of Islam. Many Muslims and non-Muslims recognize this interpretation, even though it is dormant, with a view by many that core traditional teachings are not to be questioned.

The coming weeks and months through the Equal Access blog will include:

  • Contributions from one of the premier Muslim thinkers in Australia.
  • Radio interviews with Equal Access International
  • Blogs from our Asian partners

Recommended Reading

On the Equal Access site, we will introduce a number of books for those who are interested in furthering their understanding on some of the recent study concerning the origins of Islam. The profit from any Book or E-Book purchase through the Equal Access will go towards the Equal Access Projects.

As a starting point, I would like to highlight a couple of books on the site:

In his book, Muhammad and the Believers (Donner, 2010), Fred Donner explains that the origins of Islam were one that was very inclusive. In fact, according to Donner, Islam was not a distinct religion, but was a movement directing people towards the Abrahamic faith, belief in one God, the Holy Books and Judgement Day. More…




Arabs in the Shadow of Israel: The Unfolding of God’s Prophetic Plan for Ishmael’s Line, by Tony Maalouf: For many, the promises concerning Ishmael in the book of Genesis are at best confusing, at worst a God-ordained curse upon Ishmael’s descendants. Tony Maalouf reconstructs the promise to Ishmael, and shows that it is not only a promise of blessing, but also was fulfilled throughout the generations throughout the Old Testament period. More…




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